Brent and Katy meet while on a double date (not with each other).  On the date the couples went to a Chris Ledoux concert.  At the end of the date Brent who was the driver of the truck went to shut off his truck while Katy’s date escorted her to the door.  Katy leaned over to Brent and told him not to bother shutting the truck off her date would be right back. 

Over the next several years they did not keep in touch they really didn’t know each other.  Brent went on a LDS mission to Fort Worth Texas.  Katy went on a LDS Mission to Oakland California.  Katy returned home quite a bit earlier then Brent; actually she returned 1 month before Brent left for his mission of 2 years.  Katy took her time dating, working as a legal secretary, traveling and just having a blast. 

Brent returned home from his mission and by that time they had changed the boundaries of where we attend church, so Brent and Katy were now in the same ward.  It did not take long for them to really notice each other.  Brent asked Katy out on a date to see Michael McLean’s Forgotten Carols.  At the end of the date Brent drove Katy home and did not know what to expect, thinking that she would jump out of the truck and run to her front door like he had seen her do several years before.  But needless to say Katy invited him to meet her horse (they are a good judge of character).  They dated seriously for 7 months and then Brent proposed.  They were married in 1999 in the Idaho Falls Temple.       

Brent:  Brent is quite and laid back most of the time.  He is very easy to get along with and is quick to make friends once they get to know him.  Brent started working in construction at the age of 13 and has been working every day since then; he was taught to be a hard worker and is.  Brent has amazing parents who through his entire life have loved and supported him in all of his decisions.  You could say that Brent is the ideal son.  He is also the ideal husband and father.  Brent and Katy have a very strong relationship, they are best friends.  As a husband Brent is not the best at buying flowers and showering Katy with gifts, but Katy never has to go without.  Brent makes sure that Katy knows that he loves her and that she is the most important person in his life. He tells her quite often that she is beautiful and a wonderful mother.  As a father his daughters know that he loves them very much and that they too are important in his life.  There is nothing he enjoys more than messing around with the girls and teasing them. He enjoys riding is 4 wheeler, going camping, fishing, hiking,  and kicking back and watching a movie as a family.   There are few things in this world that Brent would not be willing to do.  (As long as it is legal and not against our faith).

Katy:  Katy is the reverse of Brent, she is very talkative.  She is quick to meet people and really is not shy.  As a young lady Katy enjoyed babysitting and has always wanted a lot of children.  Katy was blessed with two wonderful parents.  Her mother led by example that the most important role a women can have is that of a wife and a mother.  By watching the love her parents had, Katy knew that she wanted a husband that loved and honored her.  Katy loves Brent with all her heart.  When Katy was younger she wrote a list of what she wanted in a husband and Brent fit every qualification.  Katy is a stay at home mom.  With that in mind she devotes a large portion of her day to her girls.  There is not a day that the girls leave the house without having their hair done and matching bows in.  She volunteers at their school, takes them to cheer practice, which she fully enjoys.   Katy also is able to help pay for the cheerleading by making the bows for all the squads.  Katy loves to bake and is always making a sweat treats for her father and father in law, which they seem to enjoy. Katy loves being at home with her family and doing any activity with them as long as they are together. 

Baylie:  She was very excited to come into this world.  Baylie was born 4 weeks premature and weighed a hefty 5 pounds 4 ounces and was 18 inches long.  Brent liked to call her his little Baylie Bug, which is still her nickname BUG.  Baylie was a great baby.  Because Katy had her C-Section, during the first few weeks Brent would get up to feed her.  He later on revealed that he enjoyed this time with her, they really bonded. Baylie is and always will be a true cowgirl at heart.  She loves to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to work/play on the farm.  She also loves to go fishing on her other Grandpa’s boat.  Baylie has a great teasing banter with both of her grandpas.  When Baylie was 5 years old she told Katy that she wanted to be a cheerleader.  Katy’s response was “they don’t do cheer for little girls your age”.  Katy’s sister then replied “Yes the do.” Ever since then Baylie has been doing competitive cheerleading.  Baylie is the kindest young lady you will ever meet.  She is concerned about how you feel and never has a mean word to say.  Baylie can at times be a mother hen with Georgia, and is always looking out for her.  She is a great big sister and daughter. 

Georgia:  Georgia took her time to bless the world with her presence.  After 3 years of infertility Brent and Katy finally found out they were pregnant with their second child.  Katy grew very ill during her pregnancy with Georgia.  Georgia was taken 3 weeks early, due to Katy’s health.  For the first 5 years of Georgia’s life she went by MaKenzie which is her first name.  She came to Katy one day and told her that she knew too many Kenzie’s and she was different and wanted to go by Georgia (she did not know anyone with that name.)  Everyone except for Brent call her Georgia.  Brent refuses because to him she will always be his MaKenzie. Georgia is our silly child.  She is constantly making jokes or funny faces and keeps the family laughing.  Georgia also loves to go to Grandma and Grandpas to work on the farm she loves riding the horses and helping Grandpa irrigate.  Georgia is also in competitive cheer and looks forward to it every day.  Georgia loves to ride the 4 wheeler with her dad and go on bike rides with the family.  She is a great student and her teachers enjoy her in class.  Katy asked her teacher who her friends were that she played with at recess; her teacher replied “Everyone plays with Georgia.   

To learn more about Brent and Katy please go to their Adoption Profile  Thank you.

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